If you’re struggling to get your Facebook Ads to convert or not seeing the returns you were expecting, but want to continue to run your Facebook Advertising yourself, then our Facebook Ads Audit could be just what the doctor ordered.

Think of it like a health check for your Facebook Ads!

With a Facebook Ads Audit from Veevli, we health-check your ad account, set-up, ad campaigns, creative and copy to ensure you get the results you deserve.

What’s involved in a Facebook Ads Audit?

In a Facebook Ads Audit, we take a deep dive into your Facebook Ads account and campaigns, looking at the factors that can impact on your results, including:

  • Reviewing your Facebook Page and Ad account set-up

  • Checking your Facebook Pixel and conversion tracking are implemented properly

  • Looking at your Google Analytics account

  • Checking your Custom Audiences are set-up correctly

  • Reviewing your Saved Audience targeting to make sure you’re showing your ads to the people you actually want to see them!

  • Reviewing your ad creative and copy for potential improvements

  • Reviewing your landing page / website for any issues such as loading speed or user experience issues that could cost you conversions.

What to expect

Here’s what happens when you purchase a Facebook Ads Audit:

  • You submit your request and pay for the audit.

  • We’ll then come back to you requesting access to your Facebook Ads account and Google Analytics account.

  • Once we have access, we’ll conduct your audit.

  • Upon completion of the audit, we’ll book in a 30-minute Zoom call with you to talk through our recommendations, tips and advice based on what we’ve seen. We’ll record this for you and provide you with access to the recording so you can watch it again and implement it at your own pace

Who is this service for?

This service is for you if:

  • You have live or ready-to-publish Facebook Ads campaigns.

  • You want a second pair of eyes on your Facebook Ads account and campaigns.

Our Pricing

for a Facebook Ads Audit, including 30 minute call (payable in advance).

Our Pricing

for a Facebook Ads Audit, including 30 minute call (payable in advance).

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